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We are a Third Order Dispersed Franciscan Community of Brothers, Sisters and Companions bound together in spirit by lives of simplicity, purity, and fidelity to spread the Good News. We use our talents to spread God’s mercy and comfort to those in need within our own cities, workplaces, and Churches. Our community character is built on the foundation of Divine Mercy that we may reflect God’s love to those we encounter. Our work is to mirror the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare through lives of prayer, work, study, and worship. Our members are married or single, male and female.  Our Community was formed to serve those living in many different locations who want to find a path to better connect with God and a spiritual walk in their own lives.  It is also for those living as isolated members and want to remain active and accountable in a hybrid community of Zoom meetings for training and direction as well as personal gatherings annually. We are in community prayer weekly and book study twice a month through Zoom. All member are active in service to community and Church.  Training/Formation for those who feel called to become a professed member is a two-year process after which they may take vows. Companions have an orientation period and a simple rule of life and join in some community events, support the order in work and prayer. All are welcome to apply.   Click below to discover more about St. Francis as an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life.

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