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 What do Franciscans do?  Everything!

Brother Andrew's Vows
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Our History

Francis started his journey in 1206 alone with God over 800 years ago in Assisi, Italy.  By 1209 a band of 12 Brothers joined.  On Palm Sunday 1212 Clare joined them and was soon named Abbess of San Damiano with a few Sisters. Their work of spreading the Gospel traveled quickly. Men and women still active in the world wanted to follow his teaching on renewing a spiritual life leading Francis to observe he would need "a third army" to carry that work into their world.  Today we are called the Third Order.  The Third Order Franciscans in the United States were founded by missionaries, mostly for settlers, soldiers and Native American converts.  The first was in St. Augustine, Florida in 1573, the second in San Antonio, Texas in the San Pedro Springs area in1718  and there is evidence of this in the world mission tour in San Atonio today. The third group was founded in Sante Fe, New Mexico. in 1794.The HOME DIOCESE of our Order was founded in San Antonio as way to return to our Franciscan roots and  traditions.   Our founding members include a former Cappuchin Brother of 30 years who works in hospice care,  a Professed Sister of 15+ years who developed her Soup for Seniors in her neighborhood, a retired Father originating in Africa and a Friend of the Order serving the community college academics and raising four children.  We are in Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Indiana and Florida at this moment in time.   Our Guardian and founder is a Life Professed Oblate of 20+ years providing spiritual direction, formation and serving the recovery community. You can meet and learn about our founder by clicking here:

A Note From Brother Andrew To An Inquirer on the Benefits of a Being a Franciscan

Before I had entered the Franciscan Order I don't think that I have ever found or experienced peace. As years went by I found that the only way I could truly find peace was to get rid of the past negative and look to the positive Jesus Christ.  The way I could do this was to follow the ways of our father Saint Francis. Let his Rule speak to you. Listen. This is not an easy task . It did not happen overnight but with practice and putting my life into God's hand I became better at it.  This is a life long journey. It never ends until we take our last breath. Then we enter the kingdom of God where there is everlasting peace.  Without God's help and without our brother Francis it would be difficult to deal with many situations that face us each day.  Seek peace and follow it.  May He bless you and keep you and may our father Francis show you the way to peace.

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    We are a Third Order Dispersed Franciscan Community of Brothers, Sisters and Companions bound together in spirit by lives of simplicity, purity, and fidelity to spread the Good News. We use our talents to spread God’s mercy and comfort to those in need within our own cities, workplaces, and Churches. Our community character is built on the foundation of Divine Mercy that we may reflect God’s love to those we encounter. Our work is to mirror the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare through lives of prayer, work, study, and worship. Our members are married or single, male and female.  Our Community was formed to serve those living in many different locations who want to find a path to better connect with God and a spiritual walk in their own lives.  It is also for those living as isolated members and want to remain active and accountable in a hybrid community of Zoom meetings for training and direction as well as personal gatherings annually. We are in community prayer weekly and book study twice a month through Zoom. All member are active in service to community and Church.  Training/Formation for those who feel called to become a professed member is a two-year process after which they may take vows. Companions have an orientation period and a simple rule of life and join in some community events, support the order in work and prayer. All are welcome to apply.   Click below to discover more about St. Francis as an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life.

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